Warp Drive #7: Nasty Astronaut Feet

Another spoiler warning, we’re all about getting into the details of the content we’re talking about. If you haven’t watched, read, listened to any of these and you are worried about us ruining it for you…we will.

In this week’s  episode, Dave and I dive right back into American Gods Episode 4 “Git Gone”. Laura, Shadow’s wife is clearly troubled, searching for something, trying to fill a hole, but Dave and I disagree on a few of the finer points of the episode. We’ve found that  Radiotimes.com publishes a mythology guide to help viewers keep track of all the gods.

Next up, we saw Alien: Covenant. It wasn’t as scary as TJ thought, and Dave loved the evolution of the Xenomorphs from the black liquid/spores to the triple dripping mouths we know and love today. We both wondered why there’s no kill switch in stasis pods from the inside, walk-in freezers have safety levers, why not super-space-age freezer bags?

Fiction podcasts are one of our favorite ways to consume content, and this week we talked about Tessa Told Me – by Rob Kotecki on Pseudopod. This was a solid horror story, but both of us had some issues with it, specifically around the lack of agency that the main character has in the story as well as the abuse that occurs to a minor, kind of borderline exploitative. As always, Alasdair’s thoughts after the episode were just as good as the story itself. 🙂

Lastly, we didn’t have a SciFi dust up, but we introduced a new segment called “Not a Star War” where we highlight something outside of the speculative realm that we love anyway. This week, we talked about one of our favorite shows “Master of None” starring Aziz Ansari. The best episode this season (not up for debate) is “New York, I Love You.”

Author: TJ Berry

TJ Berry has been a political blogger, bakery owner, and spent a disastrous two weeks working in a razor blade factory. She now writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror from Seattle with considerably fewer on-the-job injuries. She’s on Twitter @TJaneBerry.

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