Warp Drives #24: I’m late because of Giant Spiders!

This week, we travel to northern Washington to meet with Spencer Ellsworth, author of the new tor novella Starfire: A Red Peace. This space opera is fast and fun, but also deals with weighty topics like addiction and the rights of sentient vat-grown hybrid humans. We go into some of the work that went into the book, Spencer’s writing process, and eventually Dave and Spencer geek out about Transformers.

Episode #24: I’m late because of Giant Spiders!

Warp Drives #23: The Heavy Sigh of Misogyny

This week, TJ and Dave talk all about The Orville. You can guess from the episode title how that went. With a little less cringe-worthy bathroom humor and a lighter touch with the pop culture references, this could pass as a mediocre creature of the week copy of Next Generation. But is that the best we can do thirty years later?

We also come up with our celebrity couple name and our superhero names.

Episode 23: The Heavy Sign of Misogyny

Neuschwanstein Castle


Neuschwanstein is indisputably gorgeous. The best views were at Queen Mary’s Bridge about fifteen minutes down the hill from the castle itself. But it’s a long walk up a steep hill for a 20-minute tour of the interior. I didn’t expect to fall in love with Bavaria, but now I find myself enrolled in German classes and hoping to go back and linger over spaetzle.

Warp Drives #22: It’s always hot down there

Dave read Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay and talks about the havoc created by humans rather than the supernatural.

Dave wraps up this season of Game of Thrones and talks about some of the shows that are being bumped off of SyFy channel that he’s going to miss.

Finally, TJ talks about how a YA author gamed the NYT Bestseller List and how the sleuthing skills of YA twitter exposed the fraud.

Warp Drives #22: It’s always hot down there

Warp Drives #21: Super Joan Jett

We’ve watched all eight episodes of The Defenders and though there’s lots to love, we also had a few nitpicks about the series. For example, no one likes Iron Fist… so why is he the focal character of the story arc? It’s hard to be sympathetic for a character who whines so much.

We have lots to say about The Defenders. Check out the episode to find out which pivotal moment was darn-near impossible to see because it was filmed in the dark.

Warp Drives #21: Super Joan Jett