Disaster Gays on Writing Excuses

I had a great time on the Writing Excuses Podcast–which was taped during the Writing Excuses retreat… on a cruise ship. If you’ve never sat on the deck of the ship overlooking the teal blue waters of Honduras while editing your novel, I highly recommend it.

If you haven’t checked out Space Unicorn Blues–it’s the story of a disabled disaster gay in space who has to enlist the help of a part-unicorn to deliver a cargo that might save humanity.

You can also preorder the sequel, Five Unicorn Flush, which follows our lovable foul-mouthed disaster gay as she saves yet another planet from destruction!

Warp Drives #40: SPOILING Infinity War

Infinity War arrived this weekend to both fanfare and tears. We saw it twice with yet another viewing scheduled in the future. In this episode, we’ll talk about the big reveals, the story structure, and what we think might happen in Avengers 4, out next year. This episode is full of both Infinity War spoilers as well as fan theories about Avengers 4, so beware!

Warp Drives #40: SPOILING Infinity War