Warp Drives #27: Cookie Santa Claus

This week, we talk to Alasdair Stuart, co-owner of the Escape Artists network of podcasts including Pseudopod, Escape Pod, Cast of Wonders, and Podcastle. Alasdair shares how he ended up as the host of Pseudopod and eventually became the owner of Escape Artists.

We also delve into the state of the short fiction market and how science fiction and fantasy have gone mainstream… but there’s more work to be done to reach our audience. We talk about Star Trek: Discovery and the Orville and how they both approach space exploration from different angles. And finally, we talk cookies!

Warp Drives #27: Cookie Santa Claus

Warp Drives #26: Hot Urine & Hot Dog Water

This week, TJ and Dave talk to Mike Stop Continues, author of the King Cage urban fantasy series. We get together to discuss the intricacies of being an independently published author, how to respectfully write diverse characters, and Mike’s uncanny descriptions of the NYC subway system.

Mike’s new book, King Cage and the War of Rikers Island will be out in December and the first two books in the series, King Cage and the Worth Street Djinni and King Cage and the Slaughterhouse Blues are available now via Kindle Unlimited. If you like fast-paced urban fantasy, gritty graffiti artists capturing djinni in murals, and revolting chase scenes through the sewers of New York, then give this series a try!

Warp Drives #26: Hot Urine & Hot Dog Water

Warp Drives #25: The Museum of Cultural Loot

This week, Dave travels to Singapore to talk with J.Y. Yang about their twin novellas The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of Fortune released in September. In the episode, Dave and J. talk about several aspects of the books, like the mix of Asian cultures, the unique handling of gender within that society, and of course… those stunning covers.

Warp Drives #25: The Museum of Cultural Loot

Warp Drives #24: I’m late because of Giant Spiders!

This week, we travel to northern Washington to meet with Spencer Ellsworth, author of the new tor novella Starfire: A Red Peace. This space opera is fast and fun, but also deals with weighty topics like addiction and the rights of sentient vat-grown hybrid humans. We go into some of the work that went into the book, Spencer’s writing process, and eventually Dave and Spencer geek out about Transformers.

Episode #24: I’m late because of Giant Spiders!

Warp Drives #23: The Heavy Sigh of Misogyny

This week, TJ and Dave talk all about The Orville. You can guess from the episode title how that went. With a little less cringe-worthy bathroom humor and a lighter touch with the pop culture references, this could pass as a mediocre creature of the week copy of Next Generation. But is that the best we can do thirty years later?

We also come up with our celebrity couple name and our superhero names.

Episode 23: The Heavy Sign of Misogyny